Professional Associations:





If you wish to be followed by a midwife during your pregnancy, we advise you to contact Dominique Oppeel, who will adapt to your needs, both emotionally and medically. Her career path is quite remarkable, and so is the way she envisions the human being holistically.


If you are looking for an haptonomist, we recommend Charlotte Wyard, who works in several areas of Brussels. She also practices "Connected Communication" (CoCo) and works wonders in establishing a strong and unique connexion between baby and parents before birth and onwards.

+32 497 59 44 46


We also work with Florence Thomas, who receives patients in Boitsfort and helps you create a safe and serene environment to welcome your baby in (with the help of "Loving Touch Preparation for Childbirth", haptonomy and CoCo, among other things).

She will also follow you and your baby/toddler after birth, be it through psychomotrocity and games or in one of her Scarf Carriage Workshops.

+32 476 81 28 64


If you are looking for a dentist/orthodontist, we recommend Andrée Vandenborre in Corbais, who practices holistic dentistry. We encourage you to have a read of her website, it is full of interesting links and facts. She has the knowledge and perception of someone with an amazing therapeutical culture (and it shows in the huge list of complemetentary training and courses she has done!).


+32 10 65 75 15


If we talked to you about yoga or you are interested in trying out a great class, we encourage you to contact Carole Etienne, who recently started teaching a course of Hatha Yoga at the same address as our practice in Wezembeek-Oppem. The classes are on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 and at 11h15, and can be given in Nederlands, French and English.

+32 470 42 98 98