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I am an English-born and trained osteopath who moved to Brussels from New Zealand in 2014.

I graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone, Kent having completed the Master's of Science degree. In parallel to this I completed three Open University science courses in Orthopedics, Physiology & Pharmacokinetics, and Pathology & Histology. For two years I followed a part-time internship studying Musculoskeletal imaging at the Royal Stanmore Orthopaedic Hospital in the UK as well as a year's full-time internship studying the treatment of pregnant women and children in New Zealand.

All appointments involve a case history, examination and discussion of diagnosis as well as treatment. I am not a believer in dragging out treatment plans or continuing on the same course of treatment if they are not yielding results. I work closely with trusted doctors and imaging centers to allow for an efficient referral for second opinions, blood tests and imaging to ensure that nothing is missed and you get the treatment best suited to you - even if that means no more appointments with myself.

I am, as far as can be, a 'general' osteopath, capable of treating - almost - all musculoskeletal complaints in patients of all ages with special mentions for;

- Issues of the shoulder

- Complaints stemming from the inter-vertebral disk

- Urgent complaints of any kind

Remembering that, as mentioned above, I treat all complaints and ages.